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REVIEW: Beauty UK Posh Polish - no. 12 Intergalactic

Hello lovelies :)
Last week was quite hectic. Thank god I already have some posts written in advance. This is one of them :) April always means exam time for me and this year is no different so I do not know what my posting scedule will be in the next month. I will try to post as much as I can :) enough about me, let's get to the review :)

This polish comes in a nice package and contains 9 ml of product, whitch is more than enough. I have this polish for quite some time and I use it quite a lot and the polish still looks like it is unused. It contains nice, different shaped glitter in multiple colours ( blue, red, pink, yellow and green) in a transparent base.

It has a nice slim brush for an easy application. The formula of the polish is quite thick witch is good and bad at the same time. It is good because there are so many glitters in it witch means that you need only one coat of the nail polish for the glitters to really show. On the other side the polish chunks around the lid so it is hard to open it sometimes. In that regard the lid needs cleaning from time to time.

This polish has a really amazing staying power. It stays on no matter  what (except if you bite it of your nails) and can be a real pain to remove. I tried to remove it with several nail polish removers (aceton free or not) and it does take quite some time to take off. Because of this I would recommend this polish to people that do not change their nail polish on a daily basis.

On the picture I used only one layer of the posh polish (over essence colour & go - miss universe).

That will be all for today, I hope you liked this post.
Do you own any posh polishes? What do you think about them?

Have a lovely day ;)

2 komentarja:

  1. Tile bleščičasti laki so meni super, če vem, da si cel teden ne bom imela časa lakirat nohtov. Je lak potem takoj bolj obstojen. :D
    Jaz imam Olympic Bronze od tehle BUK Posh lakov in je čudoviiit! :)

  2. Jaz jih imam tudi ene par iz istega razloga. Če vem da bo dolg teden sem lahko ziher da mi bo lak zdržal vsaj do četrtka, če ne še dalj :)