sobota, 19. april 2014

FOTD - Everyday Minerals

Hello lovelies :)
I recently got some Everyday minerals samples from and while I was there I also got myself their new eyeliner. I decided to try them put and this is the look I came up with using only the products I got.
Hope you will enjoy :)

* eyeliner in Weeping willow
*blush in Wild flower heaven
*fair neutral base
*tinted lip butter in caring honey

This make up is really nothing special. I mainly did it because I wanted to see how the make up I got performs and how long it lasts without base (I do not have a face primer and I forgot my eyeshadow primer).
Firstly I applied a bit of the base on my eyelids, to neutralize any wierdness , after that I applied eyeliner with a damp angeled brush. I used a fluffy brush to apply the base all over my face and down my neck. After that I used the blush on my cheeks. I never use blush (I have like one blush since forever whitsh was only swatched and never used) so I do not know if I applied it too much (or too litle). I might use this one on everiday basis if I decide to get a full size blush. It is a really pretty colour. Last but not least I applied lip butter on my lips and the make up was done :)

I quite like these product so far, but I think the base is just a tid bit to fair for me. I also got a sample for bare jojoba base and light medium it base. I hope one of those two matches me better than this one. Fair neutral will be perfect for me in winter, but I got a bit of colour in the last two weeks so it does not match me perfectly.

I am thinking about reviewing the eyeliner and tinted lip butter next week, and I will maybe review some samples too (or just swatch them, depending on how much work I have to do for college)

Do you have any of the everiday minerals products? Are they a yay or a nay for you?

Have a nice day ;)

3 komentarji:

  1. Noro lepo črto si narisala, meni nikoli ne uspe. :) Pa lepo polt ti naredi. Jaz sem čisto navdušena nad EDM, odkar sem sprobala puder, ampak mislim, da imam malenkost pretemnega. Bo pa za poleti boljši. :)) Sem itak porazna pri izbiranju odtenkov zase.

  2. Oh EDM, sj veš kok obožujem moj flat top čopič :D Pudri so pa tut zakon, samo mam tolk drugih da s emi še ne splača kupvat celga lončka :(

  3. Hvala Mateja :) jaz imam tudi probleme z odtenki, fair neutral je trenutno presvetel, bare pa pretemen. Se bo treba malo sončku pokazat :)

    Ajda flat čopič je že on my list, puder pa tud, samo ne vem kater odtenek. Poglej če majo mogoče minije od teh pudrov, vem da ene stvari majo tud v manjših embalažah, ampak nisem ziher ktere