sobota, 12. april 2014

20$ make up #3 - more purple, more fun :)

Hello lovelies :)
Finally a new 20$ look :) I had some time recently to play with make up again and this is what I came up with :) I hope you will enjoy

Products used:
- Essence  BB Cream (01 Universal) 4,39 €
- Essence I <3 Extreme Volume mascara 2,49€
- Essence smokey eyes Brush 1,89 € 
-essence longlasting lipstick (09 wear berries)2,49 €
- Essence quattro eyeshadow (12 purple day) 3,49 €
All together costed: 14,75 

I know there is also an eyeshadow base on the first picture, but I did not use it because it would cost more than 16€ all together. So instead of that I applied the light shimmery shadow from the quad wet. I applied and blended all the shadows with the Essence smokey eyes brush. I used the lightest shade from the quad on my inner wo thirds of the eyelid and the pink shade in my outer corner.

After I blended those two shades a bit I cut the crease with the purple shade. I also applied the pink shade on the bottom and mixed in a bit of purple, to make it a bit less pinkish. I blended all together and applied my trusty mascara. After that all that was left was the BB cream whitch I applied all ower my face with my fingers. Last but not least I applied  Essence longlasting lipstick in wear berries on my lips. 

And the look is done :)

I hope you all enjoyed this quick post and the look I created :)
Have a nice day ;)

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