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MILANI Amore Matte Lip Cream

Hi lovelies!

If you haven't heard about matte liquid lipsticks until now, I must say you are living under a rock!
There is a huge hype around liquid lipsticks for more then a year. Almost every brand has it's own line of liquid lipsticks. Kat Von D, Jeffere Star, Colorpop, Kylie Jenner, Mac, Makeup Revolution, etc.

And I became a huge fan of Milani Amore Matte Lip Creams.
I know they came out a few years ago as a limited edition and everyone raved about them. And then a few months back, I found out they just changed the names of the limited colors and added some new one and that they are in permanent line now.  Also about half of the shades are vegan!
When I saw them on Click2chic I flipped.  
They are avalible in 18 different shades in nudes, pinks, reds, orange, purples...everything you would need.
The packaging is squared ''lip gloss container'', with gold lid and gold writings. You can se the shade trough and also have the name of the shade on the side and on the bottom. There is a doe foot applicator which is yute narrow and it huggs my lips perfectly.
There is 6g of product inside.
The scent is sweet like vanilla buttercream, but not owerpowering and it does not stay on the lips.
Darker shades are a bit more tricky to apply but it gets pretty easy when you get used to it.

They dry in a minute to a complete matte finish. On my lips all of the 5 shades I own all survive drinking and eating unless I eat something greasy...I suggest removing it when going to McDonalds haha. And reapplying it after.
It is also kiss proof and waterproof.
I did some swatches on my arm and after 3 minutes I put my arm under running watter and dragged over with fingers for quite a while and the did not budge.

Removing of darker shades is not that easy, I suggest using makeup removing oils to break down the lipstick.
I own 5 shades.
And please exuse messy applycation on some swatches ;)

10 Adorable (pink nude beige)
This one is a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit.
11 Precious (cool toned rose)
 This one is a dupe for Kylie Cosmetics Poisie K Lip Kit.
14 Devotion (deep true red)
15 Georgeous (raspberry wine)
27 Fascination (royal purple)

I really would recomend these to every matte lipstick lover.
I still have few shades on my whishlist: Fling, Cherish, Sugar, Obsession, Sweethear and Babe.

You can get them on Milani website for 8,99$ .
In Slovenia they are avalible on:
Click2chic for 9,96€
Moja Drogerija 12,35€


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  1. Odgovori
    1. Pa še tak odtenek je da ga imaš lahko za različne priložnosti :)

  2. Tudi meni so odliiične. <3
    Mam pa Babe in Cherish. Ti fuul priporočam odtenka, meni sta gorgeous. :P
    Sicer pa me mikajo še Adorable (samo se bojim, da bi bil preveč rjav nude zame), Sweetheart, Allure in Precious. :D

    1. Res rabim tudi jaz še kakšnega pinky :D Adorable je res zelo nude, bi ti bolj priporočala Precious, ker vem da si bolj za roza tone.

  3. Ooooo, izgledajo super! In prekrasne barve <3

  4. Devotion in Adorable <3 Sem pa eno naaročila (Loved) in jo je potem dobila Natalija, ker mi je bila čisto pretemna. :) Drugače pa obstojnost in mat učinek sta mi bila pa top! (Tamara)

    1. Sem videla v vlogu :D Če ti je bila formula super hitro kakšno drugo barvo naročiti :D Mislim, da bi ti Georgeous in Precious noro pasala :D

  5. No, si me prepričala, zdej si jih moram naročit. :D

  6. attractive shades i love all :)

  7. Milani šminke me nikoli niso pustile na cedilu! :) hvala za lepo nazoren review in prikaz prečudovitih barv, saj swatch-i in mnenje uporabnic le olajšajo spletno nakupovanje ličil :)
    ~ E from https://2girlsand1bl0g.blogspot.si