sobota, 3. september 2016

50 Facts About Me

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      Hi lovelies!
      I saw Valentina's video on Youtube on 50 Facts about her and I decided to write the post about me. Hope you will get to know me a bit better.

  1. My name is Ajda, but my mom wanted me to be Zala, Neža or Katarina.
  2. I was born on 29. May 1992 
  3. I've been living in our lovely house since the day I was born, I never moved.
  4. I have a 17 year old brother Gal.
  5. My parents are the best and I can't thank them enough for everything they did for me.
  6. My hair is naturally brown, but I dye them red.
  7. I always wanted green eyes.
  8. I have 178 cm.
  9. I have PCOS and I hate it.
  10. I believe in ghosts and the afterlife.
  11. I am not religious.
  12. I am a car enthusiast.
  13. I usually drive 4 different cars every week.
  14. I own a turqoise Kia Pride and her name is Rozi.
  15. My dream is to go race on a Nürburgring.
  16. I would love to own a supercar.
  17. I am a coffee addict.
  18. I love spicy food.
  19. I love rain and storms, but I don't like sun.
  20. I sing in my car, but only if I am alone.
  21. I became a very good friend with few of Slovenian bloggers and I can't imagine my life without them anymore.
  22. In October, me and my boyfriend will celebrate our 7th anniversary.
  23. I love my bunny Smoothie, I would do anything for her.
  24. I love old rock music, but I listen to some other genres also.
  25. I am a geek, love playing games, World of tanks is the best!!
  26. My favorite movies are SCI-FI.
  27. Series that I love ot watch over and over again are Battlestar Galactica, Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, Univers), Greys Anatomy and Band of Brothers.
  28. I am into BDSM and I am not shy to share that.
  29. I used to be a ballet and belly dancer.
  30. I love going to Corsica for summer vacation, but i haven't been there in 5 years.
  31. I am afraid of swimming in the sea if I can't see the bottom.
  32. I get a panic attack if I otuch the grass in the sea.
  33. My makeup collection would last so long before using it up, even my grandchildren would be able to use it haha.
  34. I hate maths.
  35. Scented candles and waxes are my thing.
  36. I am 24 and still can't walk in high heals, only wedges sometimes.
  37. I am thinking about starting a car blog.
  38. I am obsessed with planning in my Magic Planner.
  39. We have a wooden house in the mountains.
  40. I can remember all of the car registration plates of my family, friends and people i meet on car shows.
  41. I am lactose intolerant, but I can't live without cheese and cream sauces. Thank you Finish people for Lactanon pills :P
  42. I love wine, but I drink it only like once a month.
  43. I HATE TEA!
  44. When I am driving I forget about all the problems.
  45. I own 85 blushes!
  46. I love animated movies.
  47. I hate shopping for clothes.
  48. I use up one eyebrow pencil in two weeks.
  49. My phone is HTC ONE M9.
  50. I could play Sims for the whole day, till the house is a pure perfection.
Do we have anything in common? 
Hope you found out anything interesting about me.

Have a great day!


5 komentarjev:

  1. 31 in 35 se podpišem! :) Grey`s Anatomy, woohoo, hi5! :D 48...emmm...kako ti to uspe? :P

    1. Me veseli, da nisme edina :D Grey's Anatomy (22. septembra se začne nova sezona!!! wooopwooop) bi zdaj še Gorskega zravnika prištela :P
      Za 48 pa...vsak dan če nimam nič drugega, imam obrvi uš za vsako obrv ga našpičim :P

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  3. Grey's Anatomy: kako sem jaz to pridno gledala, sedaj pa sploh ne vem več, kolko sezon je vsega skupi, kaj se dogaja, kaj sem na zadnje videla. Upam,da partis premore vse, da mogoče na kak tečen dan pogledam kak del.

    1. Hihi vceraj se je zacela 13. Sezona :D danes zjutraj je bila epizoda ze na partisu ;) so vsi deli gor :D