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Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Review

Hi lovelies,
i wanted to review this product at the beginning of summer, but i just wanted to really tested out troughout the summer since we had many terrible heatwaves.

So to begin with i've been eyeing this BB cream for about 2 years, but the price was just to high for me. But then Click2chic had a 30 or 40% off all Sleek products, so i had no more excuse not to get it. I got mine in the lightest shade Fair.
It comes in a a box (not on a picture) and inside is this sleek  black tube. I really like the shape of it an also the size is not too big for my makeup bag.  It contains 50ml of cream and it also has SPF 15, wich is always a plus.

What it says on a tube: Conceals, repairs, protects. Full Coverage Blemish Balm Cream with SPF 15.

Conceals: Yes, it concealed my small breakouts on my chin quite well. I was really impressed, since none of other BB creams did that.
Repairs: Haven't seen any difference after few months of using it.
Protects: SPF 15 is ok, but i would still suggest using other sunscreen under the BB.
Full Coverage: Not really, but the coverage is a lot better than other BB creams that i've tried (Garnier, Nivea, Loreal, Essence)
Here on top is some reading material for you :D
The opening for despensing product is the perfect size, so you can get as much product as u need. At first use i got way too much, but a pea size would do for each side of the face.
I must say that i am really happy with the shade. I didn't expect it to be that light but it's perfect.
It has quite thick consistancy in comparison to other BB creams, it's even thicker than Catrice Nude Illusion fonudation.

For me it was a challenge to find the way to apply it. Usually i used my fingers for BB cream since blending sponges and brushes would do anything. Well fingers didn't work with this one. 
I find that it was looking the best when i blended it with my Nanshy Flawlles Foundation brush (flat top kabuki brush like Sigma F80).
It concealed little imperfections, evened out my skin tone and it lasted on me for about 8 hours and after that i needed to reapply my setting powder, which is a must with this cream for me.

The only thing that really bothered me was in the heatwave when i start to sweat like everywhere, my forehead and the area on top of my lips got white drops, because of the sunscreen in the cream. So this can be a bit annoying. 

I really like the coverage, shade, finish, SPF, the packaging. But it really annoys me when i get white drops on my face, so i would not recomend it for really really hot days, but other times you should be okay.

Have you tried this BB cream? What do you think about it?

Have a lovely day!


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  1. Zdaj boš pa obvezno morala probati še kakšno Korejsko BB kremo! ;)

    1. Si zelim ze dolgo, skoda ker niso pri nas dostopne :/