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REVIEW: I love Makeup, I love obsession palette - West End Girls

Hello lovelies :)
I already reviewed one of the obsession palettes called Pure Cult (review here), and since I liked that one quite a lot I decided to get another one. This time I wanted a palette with darker tones and I <3 Obsession palette in West End Girls looked like it could be right for the job. The first row is full of dark smokey colours and the second row has a few matte colours and neutrals. It looked like a really good palette for colourfull smokey eye. After more than a month of testing I finally have a finalized oppinion about this palette and I feel ready to share it :)

The palette comes in a bulky square, polastic packaging that is mostly black with a transparent lid. The packaging looks a bit cheep, but it did not break so far, so as far as I am concerned it is doing it's job just fine. There is 17g of product (10 eyeshadows of 1,7g).

The quality of the eyeshadows varies a bit troughout the palette the first row of eyeshadows is quite good, with the exception of the greyish green shade, which sadly lacks pigmentation. All of the other eyeshadows in the first row are nicely opaque. They blend nicely and do not appear patchy on the lid. There is quite a bit of fallout with all the shades, but it is more obvious with the darker shades.
The second row is a bit of a disappointment sadly. The first two shades are matt and do not show at all on my lids. The only way I can make them work is, if I use them as a light highlight inder my brow, otherwise they are useless. The light brown shade looks like a nice transition shade, but it is also not the most pigmented and in my experience it does not blend really well. The last shade needs to be packed on the lids like crazy, if I want to get any pigmentation out of it and it also does not blend well. 
That makes half of the palette hardly usable, at least for me, which is a big shame, since these colours look really pretty. 

Pigmentation is not the only problem though. I found that theye eyeshadows crease on me within 3 hours. They just can not last on my lids. I am sure that somebody with not oily lids could get more wear out of them, but on me they look patchy, greasy and creasy after 3 hours. I actually tested this palette for longer than any palette so far, just so I could get the eyeshadows to stay on my lids for more than 3 hours, nothing works. It is true, that most eyeshadows will crease on me sooner or later, it all comes down to my oily lids and hooded eyes, but most eyeshadows stay on my lids for at least 6 hours, many even more!

Shade 1: a strong golden yellow shade with gold shimmer
Shade 2: warm dark brown with slight shimmer
Shade 3: warm plum with a mix of purple and blue micro glitter

Shade 4: dark blue with blue and silver micro glitter
Shade 5: greenish gray with slight micro shimmer
Shade 6: dark forest green with green micro shimmer

Shade 7: matte white with a bit of yellow undertone
Shade 8: mate light pink

Shade 9: satin light brown
Shade 10: satin light yellow

I really really wished this palette would be better, but some colours are just not the best and the longevity of eyeshadows is quite bad on my eyelids. I am sure these would last longer on somebody else, but on me they just do not work. In case you are interested in this palette you can get it on licila.si for  4,59 € and Slovenian Makeup Revolution store for  4,59€.

Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day :)

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  1. Paletka čisto po mojem okusu, kar se tiče barv senčk seveda. <3
    Od I <3 MakeUp je sicer še nisem preizkusila, bo pa v bližnji prihodnosti tudi to prišlo na vrsto. ;)

    1. Res so čudovite barve. Mislim, da so celo iste barve kot v eni izmed Too Faced paletk :D

  2. Ena izmed mojih najljubših paletk, še posebej za jesen :)

    1. Ma res je čudovita, samo mene ful moti, da mi ne zdrži :/

  3. Sej je lepa, ni mi pa tisto, da bi rekla, "uau, to pa rabim" ;)

    1. te čisto razumem :D jaz sem trenutno taka z vsemi paletkami.