nedelja, 23. november 2014

My skin care rutine

Hello lovelies :)
I had this post planed a while ago, but decided to postpone it for a bit just so that I was 100% that all of the products shown in this post suit my skin. I use products from Afrodita because so far only this brand of skin care really did something for my skin. Here are all the products I use:


First things first I use Afrodita young & pure purifying foam for oily and impure skin. This foam helps me mattify my skin and cleans it, preparing it for other products. After that I use Natural Lift anti-wrinkle eye cream on my lid and my under eye area. Aldough this cream is quite rich it sinks into the skin quickly, it also makes my eye area feel much softer and less irritated. I finish my morning rutine with Oil control mattifying serum which mattifys my skin and keeps it hydrated troughout the day. Without using this serum I become oily much quicker, so it definetly works for me.


I start my night rutine with young & pure purifying foam which not only cleans my skin but also gently removes any make up I was wearing. If I use it for removing make up I use 2 or 3 pumps of the product (depending on how much make up I wear) and if I use it for cleaning my skin I use only 1 pump. After that I apply Natural Lift anti-wrinkle eye cream on my eye area and Oil control moisturizing cream on my face. Aldough this cream is really good at hydrating my skin and pore minimizing I am thinking about switching it up with the serum, just because I do not feel the need to use two different products that do almost the same thing. This cream sinks into the skin really quickly and mattifys it while keeping it nicely hydrated. After that I use Natural lift anti-wrinkle mosturizing serum on my face and neck, which is on its own too rich for my skin, but with the oil control cream underneath tones it down a bit and makes the whole face look more matt than just using the serum on it's own.


I use these products from time to time, depending on the situation. For instance when I am wearing wareproof make up that the foam can not remove I will use eather Clear phase micellar solution or Clean phase eye make up remover, depending on how much eye make up was left over after clensing my skin. I like to use Clean phase eye make up remover more than micellar solution just because it is quicker and I do not mind the oily film that Clean phase eye make up remover leaves. In case I run out of purifying foam I switch to young & pure refreshing toner for normal to oily skin, which I do like, but I just prefer the foam a bit more, because it removes make up better.

In case my skin is acting really nasty (or 1 a month) I will use a lemon scrub (just lemon juice mixed with some sugar), which leaves my skin really smooth. If I get a spot I usually treat it with tea tree oil, which helps it cure faster. The most important thing is ofcourse drinking enough water, I drink at least 2 l of water a day, sometimes even more, depending on the weather.

Well that would be for today. What is your skin care rutine? 
Do you use any of the same products as me?
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša ;)

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  1. super post. vedno dobro prebrati, kaj katera uporablja za obraz. :)) moram očitno probat nekaj od afrodite. :))


  2. Hvala :) Jaz vedno rada prebiram take objave, da dobim ideje kaj bi lahko sama preizkusila :) Meni afrodita najbolj odgovarja, upam da bo tudi tebi vredu če se odločiš da boš preizkusila kaj od njih :)