torek, 12. maj 2015

Project Pan

Hello lovelies :)
I accumulated quite a lot of make up and I decided that it is the prime time to use up some things. I went trough my make up stash recently and pulled out some make up that is already used up a bit  and packed the pieces into my daily make up bag. I guess these pieces are more or less what I will be using from now on, untill I finish them :D Here are the products I want to finish:

MUA Undress me too palette
I really love this palette. It has a nice range of colours and is quite a nice quality. I decided to use it up because it is the oldest palette I own and I feel like finishing an eye shadow paletteis quite a big accomplishment :D

Catrice nude illusion
I have quite a lot of foundations and since this one is the one I plan to use troughout spring and summer I will probably use it up before fall starts. It is not my favourite foundation but it gets the job done and it is light enough for me to use during the summer (I usually use mineral foundations instead of liquids during the hotter months).

Catrice prime and fine healthy look primer
I did not like this primer at first, since it can appear quite orange, but I recently started to use mineral sunscreen on my face, which makes my face look white and this primer does a good job at counterbalancing the white.

catrice colour correcting matiffying powder
Not my favourite powder, but it gets the job done and it looks nicely on the skin. I just wish that it would be matt for longer.

Catrice velvet finish concealer
My favourite under eye concealer soo far. I like the texture and the colour of this product, not to mention that it has some SPF (only SPF 6, but it is better than nothing). I will definetly repourchase this when I run out of it.

Make up revolution cream blush
I have wuite a lot of blushes, so I recided to just randomly pick one of the bliushes to use up. This one goes along with a lot of eye looks, so I think that I will finish it the fastes, aldough it is really pigmented.

Essence soo glow! highlighter
I really love this highlighter, but since it is cream I am scared that it will go bad before I finish it. I love to have many make up products, but not finishing them up buggs me quite a lot, since I love applying make up.

Esselce longlasting lipsticks
I love Essence longlasting lipsticks, I picked two colours from my stash. I decided to use up Natural Beauty because it is almost used up and it is perfect for everyday and I decided to use up Na_Rock because I have quite a lot of red lipsticks and it is time for me to use some. Na-Rock is the oldest red lipstick I own, so I decided to use it up.

Essence lip liner
I have quite a few Femme Fatal lipliners and it is time to use some of them :D

Catrice vitamin lip treatment
Not my favourite gloss, but I am using it up pretty quickly for some reason or another, so I decided to just use it up and get ower it. While it does make my lips feel good it is a bit too thick and sticky for my liking.

Catrice beautifying lip smoother
I love the Catrice lip smoothers because they are so easy to use during the day :D I have all the colours, but Cake Pop is the one that is he most used, hence I will try to use it first.

Catrice eyebrow filler
I really loved this eyebrow filler when I had red hear, since it gave my eyebrows a bit of a brown tint, but since I have black hair now I do not think it looks as nice as my natural brow colour (black as the darkness of my soul). I will use it up just because it is already empty anyway, but it is not a product that I will repourchase.

Catrice lash extension volume mascara
I have mixed feelings about this mascara. On one hand my lashes look black and thick when I use it, but I miss a bit more lenght. The only thing that my lashes need is lenght (in my oppinion), and this mascara provides none. I just want to use it as soon as possible.

Essence long asting eye pencils
These are definetly not the best eye pencils in the drugstore, but I like them since they do not irritate my eyes and the staying power is decend, taking into account that I have watery eyes. I have quite a few colours and I decided to finish these two first, since they are the oldest and they both go nice with the MUA Undress me too palette.

Essence colour & go nail polishes
There is really no big reason behind me wanting to finish these perticular colours, it just soo hapenss that these four bottles are almost half empty. None of these are available anymore, but to be honest I am not sad about that, since there are soo many new colours I want to try out.

That will be all for today.
Do you have any products that you want to finish?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day ;D

8 komentarjev:

  1. Ooo tud ti si se lotila tega projekta :D Tudi jaz sovražim ko se nekateri produkti kar nočjo in nočejo porabit!

    1. neuradno že začetek leta, ampak nisem objavila do sedaj ker sem res hotela izbrati prave izdelke :D ja mene je ful začelo motiti, sploh sedaj ko imam večino makeupa pri fantu, kar pomeni da ga med tednom ne uporabljam...

  2. Pridna. :) Meni gre pri nekaterih izdelkih odlično, porabila sem že ali pa kmalu bom 3 glose, 2 podlagi, 1 korektor, tudi primer za obraz je že kar prazen, pri neikaterih drugih, kot so blushi, puder ipd. pa mi gre katastrofalno. Upam, da bo do konca leta boljše. :)

    1. Držim pesti da ti rata, si bila že kar pridna :D glose, podlage in korektor se pomoje najhitreje porabi. Meni nikakor ne rata porabiti pudrov v kamnu tako hitro, kakor bi želela...

  3. Velvet korektor ti js do naslednga pondelka porabm če hočš :P hahah :D

  4. uf pridna zelo! lep nabor izdelkov, moram enkrat v prihodnje probat tale Velvet korektor..

    sem se pa tudi jaz lotila tega 'projekta', meni gredo pa najtežje šminke in pa tudi en kremni blush od NYX, kar traja in trajaaaaaa :D

    1. hvala :D kremne stvari kar trajajo in trajajo in se nikoli ne porabijo xD meni pa šminke kar gredo, sploh take za vsak dan. Jo imam vedno v žepu skupaj z ogledalom tako da si jo lahko nanesem kadarkoli, kjerkoli in potem se kar mažem ko zmešana :D pa se porabi 1,2,3...