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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics wishlist

Hello lovelies :D
I have a diferent kind of post for you today :) I have been eyeing this cosmetic company and their products for quite some time and I finally shrinked my wishlist to a reasonable lenght (seriously, I could write a book just about all the make up I want... and it would be loooooooong). Here are the products I would like to try in the future (once I finally become brave enough to order stuff from across the ocean).

LYDIA - (darkroom plum)
POOL BOY - (aquatic blue)
SEBASTIAN - (plum-toned taupe)
These pencils can be used on lips, skin or around the eye area (some colours are not recommended to use around the eyes because of the ingredients). They have some pretty wacky colours I would like to try. I am especially interested how Sebastian will look on my lips and Lydia around my eyes. Pool boy is just a blue that would probably suit my eye colour really well.

LYDIA - (darkroom plum) 
The swatches I saw on the internet make it look like a pretty everyday colour that I would probably wear all the time, if I had it. I wanted to have a lip tar since I first saw them, but I can not decide on the colour, since I want one that I could use a lot for everyday occasions.

PAGAN - (blackened purple)
 This colour is love, this colour is life. Seriously, this colour is right up my alley and I want to have at least one product in a colour like that.

DATURA - (pink lavender duo-chrome)OBERON - (pink opal shimmer)
Two very beautiful colours that can be applied on eyes, cheeks, lips or anywhere else. Yes, I would like to cosplay as a disco ball, pretty please. 

Are you familiar with OCC? Do you have any of their products or do you wish to have some?
Thank you for reading :D
Have a nice day :)
Tjaša :D

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