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REVIEW: Catrice Luxury Nudes

Hello lovelies :)
I am very sorry for not posting anything for so long, but I have soo much college stuff to do that I have no time for anything else :/ I will try to post as much as possible, but sadly I can not make any promises. In two months I will hopefully be done with college, but untill then please bare with me ;D
Well enough chit chat, today I have for you a review of some nail polishes I got back in February. Catrice came out with a new nude nail polish line and I had to have some :) here is what I think about them :)

Nailpolishes come in a standard round glass bottle with a white lid. I personally am glad that Catrice is sticking with this packaging, because it is robust and easy to store. The thing they did change is the brushes. They are much more nicely cut and really help with nice and even application. They are quite big, but not too big for my smallest nail and are also nicely flat. Finally, after all those years of terror, they have done it right in my oppinion :)

I picked up two shades from this line (there is total of eight colours). the first one is called 07 Delight In Pure Light and it is a beige brownish nude colour, it has some sparkle in it, but it is not visible on the nail. The second colour I got is my absolute favourite and it is called 06 Magical Nude. This colour is truly magical :) It is a darker brown colour with a strong purple undertone. It has some beautifull purple duocrome micro shimmer in it, and looks different depending on the light. It can look quite purple in one instance and more brown in another. Both nail polishes have a nice formula, not too thick or too thin and dry in a reasonable time. Delight In Pure Light does make any ridges in my nails more visible, but if I use 2 coats of base coat there is no problem. 2 coats of nail polish is needed (3 if you are doing really thin layers) to reach the full opacity. Aldough These nail polishes are really nice I found their staying power is not the best. They do not really chip on me, but they wear off at my tips in a day. I personally do not mind that, since I am usually having a different manicure every day, but if you are used to wearing your nail polish for a few days this could be a problem.

All in all if you do not mind the bad staying power and like nude nail polishes you should definetly look into these nail polishes. The range has some really pretty colours :)

Did you try out any of the new Catrice nailpolishes? What do you think?
Thank you for reading :)
Have a nice day ;)
Tjaša :)

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