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Blogmas Day 1: E-kozmetika & DM Haul

 Hi lovelies!

December is finally here and this year I decided to do Blogmas :D Don't know what Blogmas is? It means I will be posting every day till Christmas, but also till the end of the year ;)

For day 1 I would like to share with you what I got last week, when I and Gejba from Parokeets blog visited BIS/ E-kozmetika warehouse. They had a sale and everything was 20-70% off!
E-kozmetika is carrying brands like Matis, Payot, Depend, Zuii, some others and of course Alessandro.

They were super nice, they took our coats, brought us  cute purple shopping baskets and explained where everything is, how much it costs, answered all of our questions.
At the end we even got champagne, cookies and juice. It was really nice chatting with all of them. Thanks again!
So here it is the bag I filled up. I spent less than 20€ for everything.
 The first thing that caught my eye was Depend Miracle Kit, a kit for cuticle care. It contains: nail & cuticle cleaner, Myrrh oil, cuticle cream, hand cream, nail brush, orange stick and mini file. The oil smells amazing and the whole set is very useful. 
Originally the kit was 8,50€, but it was 70% off and I got it for 2,55€ 
 When I saw the price of this little pink guy I couldn't resist, since the price in drugstores is just too high for dry shampoo. Lee Staffort Dry Shampoo in dark is better for my hair than any others, since being dark and it won't let white dust on my hair.
The original price was 8,70€ and I got it for less than 3€.
 They had a big basket filled up with a ton of Alessandro nail polishes. 63 Peppermint Patty caught my eye .  Beautiful mint green or blue? cream polish. Almost bought some more but I was a good girl. 
It's a 10ml bottle and it was 3,50€.
 I hoped for a Glam Rock stand, it's an Alessandro winter collection. I got the shade Black Leather at the bloggers conference in October and I used it all up! I had to get some more. It's a black semi matt polish. I just find it so gorgeous. I got two since they were only 2€ each.
 Alessandro Stiplac had been on my wishlist since the day it came out. I decided to try one color for a start. I choose a limited shade Coral Crush. Almost neon coraly shade. I used it over my gel nails, but I will probably also get the Twin Coat and some more colors next time.
The price was 7€.

 I think Mateja once mentioned that this Balea Best Wishes cream smells similar to Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume. And she was right! I think I will get other scents also.
I think it costs under 2€!
 I needed a new lash curler so when i saw this cute Ebelin one I had to have it.
It was under 3€.
I buy this Balea Aqua Tuchmaske  every time I'm in DM. It's a paper mask that gives a lot of moisture to my skin.
It costs less than a €!

That's it for today, I hope you liked my little haul. Have you tried any of those products?
Stay tuned for more Blogmas posts!


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